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We’re Committed to Protecting Our Clients

Security is an opportunity and not an obstacle. Industry provides IT solutions to effectively secure and  advance your business with clarity and confidence!

We we’re committed to making it a reality by helping you build security into the heart of your IT organization.

We provide  simplified solutions for complex environments through shared visibility, analytics, and automation that eliminate challenges and provide success of cybersecurity. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive security solution, an assessment to better understand your security posture, or something in between, we’ve got you covered.

We are Headquartered in Medfield, MA

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Founded In:


Located In:

Medfield, MA

Assets Protected:

$50 million

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Meet The Team

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Kyle Martin

Chief Executive Officer
Kyle is the founder of Industry Solutions, LLC. He has over 30 years experience in Business Operations, Finance, Information Technology, Real Estate, and Construction.

Marcus Palmore

Chief Security Officer
Marcus leads the development and integration of Industry Solutions cyber-security and Managed IT strategy, driving the technical direction to enable customers through quality, simplicity, and innovation. Prior to founding Industry Solutions, Marcus led the development of IT security solutions, as well as design and implementation of secure network infrastructure for fortune 500 clients.

Melissa Ruffin

Chief Information Officer

Melissa has over 20 years experience in IT infrastructure, Release Engineering, and Finance Operations. Melissa has her BA and Masters in Mathematics from Umass Amherst.
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