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We are Experts in Security & Data Management

Industry Solutions is a leading solutions provider in Information Technology. This ranges from network infrastructure, data and storage, E-mail-SMS, file security, and database.  Your unwanted Cyber Threats are ours! The approach is Designed Infrastructure with Security Best Pratices without losing Operational Performance

Threat Intelligence + Response

Security teams respond when they become aware of internal vulnerabilities and external threats that put corporate information and digital assets at risk. To alleviate the situation, Industry Solutions uses an advanced threat intelligence solution that accelerates the time to accurately identify and assess vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks, while also helping teams prioritize what threats to focus on remediating or mitigating first. In turn, the incident response team can avoid wasting time on low-level incidents and make sure they focus on high-level situations that represent the greatest risk to the business.

Managed Enterpise Solutions

Industry Solutions will provide your organization with an efficient way to stay up-to-date on technology, have access to skills and address issues related to cost, quality of service and risk. We provide a  expertise in cloud computing and on premise IT Infrastructure.

We Use Analytics to Identify New Global Threats

The warning signs are everywhere, terrorist attacked physically, now its digitally. Industry Solutions will keep you safe guarded.

WorlClass Managed IT Services

Cover all the bases.

Industry Solutions provides you with Proactive , Preventative  and Responsive IT support services.

Risk Assessment & Remediate

Do you know your risk level?

A risk assessment is the first step in identifying gaps and deficiencies in your security program. The second step, remediation, is often a daunting task without a clear project plan on how to make the necessary changes. Our remediation team provides on-demand,  Tier 3 elite security engineers to design, implement and execute a custom cybersecurity remediation plan to prevent security breach to your IT infrastructure.

IT Security Audit

What is an IT Security Audit?

The only way to truly test the security of your IT infrastructure is to perform an IT Audit. Our IT security experts have years of experience doing specific IT focused audits, and can verify whether or not your controls are actually protecting your infrastructure.  Industry Solutions will verify your IT controls, identify issues, and provide practical solutions.

Human + Artifical Intelligence Monitoring

Advanced Defense Arsenal

Managed IT
Pen Testing
Threat Detect
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